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"Bragging Rights"
Since his very first stage appearance as the cantankerous Mr. Welch in his
High School production of the operetta “Damn Yankees”, Keith has never lost
his dream nor the desire to perform. He began to hone his skills with an
increasing number and size of roles with
R.L.T. (Regina Little Theatre)
under the tutelage of his “Dear Departed” mentor
Hilda Allen.

Yet Keith has never forgot that he is a prairie boy, born in
Moose Jaw.

He was Nominated as
“Line of Taxis”
At the I.F.O.C.T. Film Festival
Sony Culver City Studios, Los Angeles.

Keith has worked on numerous commercials.
2 AMPIA Awards for Best Commercial for
United Way (1999)       
Father & Son Anti Drinking & Driving (2001)
"Bragging Rights"
Casting Director: Stuart Aikins
"Cool. Nice blood. Good face."
Commenting on the F/x Make Up Photo Masters of Horror Ep. 205 The V Word.

Director "Missing": Miho Yamamoto...
" Thank you for giving us your amazing work. You are the real "Bruce. Only you understood
exactly what I wanted to express, meaning of props, and meaning of the lines. Everybody
thinks you are the one! I'm so excited working with you on set. One more thing..."No.1 actor
has a beautiful dog"
I couldn't believe this coincidence! When I came home and turned the page on my daily
the picture on the next day was a Border Collie! I think this script is perfect for you and Lady!
(Please give Lady a big hug from us!)

Director "Edward Cole": Thom Stitt....
" I'll probably never in my life forget Keith Humphrey's audition for Edward Cole. Re-living it
now, I only wish that principle photography could have been longer - I only wish we could
have made a film twice as long in twice the time, because I want so much to explore the
character more with Keith. I remember being in the audition room - a wonderful young actress
named Kelly was reading the parts of both Corina and Crystal in two different scenes, and the
electricity that Keith created when he became Edward Cole was instant and powerful."

Director "Road to Victory": Michael Reilly...
"We recently finished cutting your scene with Clay together, and it turned out great.  You guys
did a fantastic job.  In fact, you are now the opening of the film."

Director "Less Than you Think" & "Punch and Calamity" : Sebastian Sokol...
"Things are coming together concerning Punch & Calamity. I've posted up casting notices  
for it, but I've purposefully withheld casting for Punch/Houston. Personally I'd really like to
have you on board as you were great to work with last time."

Agent : Deborah Harry :
“It was great to see you in action”  D
“I know your one of the team players” D
“Wow, Edward Cole was simply amazing, one of the best short films I have ever seen.
I am saying this for real.  I am very proud of your work, it was amazing, what a great piece
to edit for your reel for sure! Just loved it...Thanks for sharing this with me. Take care" D
“I know what you want to show me, I already figured it out and went to your NEW web page
and it looks great!  Not bad for someone who is not a graphic designer?“ D

The Calgary Sun Review (1994):

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(Inspired by a True Story)
Keith and his Border Collie "LADY" were cast in the LEADING ROLES
"BRUCE and ANGIE his dog"
Directed by Miho Yamamoto
Co-written by Miho Yamamoto and Phillip Ross Bohn.
Produced by: Lianna Walden
A homeless man "BRUCE" lives on the street with his dog "Angie" (LADY)
begging for change. A few days before Christmas Bruce meets a P.I. "EDWARD",
played by the very talented RODRIGUES WILLIAMS,
and tells him of the beautiful life Bruce used to have and how he lost
his wife and daughter. Edward is moved by the tragic story,
but he must tell BRUCE another truth which he does not expect.